I am officially Stella McCartney Obsessed

I went through all her collections and gathered my favs.
Let me tell you there were A LOT of great looks!
I love how classic each collection is. I would still
totally wear some looks from as far back as 2003 :)

Latest Obsession: This Stella McCartney Sweater


Too bad it's a little over a thousand :(
I would die a happy woman just wearing this
with some crisp jeans and a simple white tee!

Natasha + Skate Boy B

Black Dresses

The Sartorialist

Love the python heels in the 2nd pic?
Get them at Forever21!

I did always want an Hermes bag :)

Rachel Bilson: Another Great Look

that paperbag waist...

I think I will ♥ sheer tees FOREVER

blazin' blue

big crush!

I need new glasses...



yummy balenciaga boots


Kenneth Cole Love

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lovely sandals

azzedine alaia


tallulah willis

cool tattoo

so delicate

shiny shimmery

still crushing on this miu miu bag

clothes love

lol... my two favorite bitches

Jackets + Tights

off kilter

Must Have Bags


I absolutely am head over heels for the second one!
Anyone know where to find it?