Vittoria Cerciello, Stella Nascente

Rising Star. I met the Flair stylist five years ago when I first moved to Milan. I remember it like it was yesterday. We were both completing the mandatory Milanese after workout routine of showering, blow-drying, and light make-up, when our gym bags bumped straps on the changing bench.
She was total sunshine in the wengesche surroundings of the changing room. A lot has changed since then, she has become one of the most sought-after young stylists in Italy. But, thankfully, some things never change: She is still the same girl that I met that day, lovely and warm as the rising sun.

Side note: Can you believe this shower thing? I rarely showered at the gym in NY. People actually keep another wardrobe at the gym and back-up supplies of bath soap and shampoo. I am serious! That's Italians for you, they'll never let a moment of elegance slip by.

black top

vanessa jackman

walk it out

tfs: luize salmgrieze

au naturel


*my title was meant to simply point out how natural the look is.
i realize she has some make up on.
i just really appreciate andreea's natural beauty.



All the Pretty Birds for Refinery29

Hey, great, fantastic news!!!! The lovely ladies at Refinery29 invited me to contribute street style photos from Milan fashion week. Yeah! Click Italian Job to have a look! xxxx, Tamu

Carine, Eva, outside Gianfranco Ferré

Style Net

Carolyn Tate Angel, Senior Market Editor of W, wearing a Rodarte dress and Balenciaga sandals.



i'm pretty sure i posted this awhile back, but i have rediscovered it + i just ♥ it.

right ahead




Shades of blue

Cathy Edwards of Another Magazine and Karen Langley of Dazed and Confused

I love this photo for many reasons: friendship, the color blue, a gorgeous print, and excellent draping. The looks on their faces tell of friendly mischief. The shades of blue of their dresses, a reason to smile- not pout. The exploded particles that decorate Karen's Peter Pilotto dress, earth-shaking. The draping and plissé of both dresses, lovely.

f'ing amazing


the hair, the tights, the sparkle.

i've got a green parka obsession


i already have one from zara that i love, but i totally want others as well.

alaïa wedges




makes you laugh


A quiet moment with Giovanna

Natalia, Heavy Medal

Style Obsessed

Melissa Ventosa Martin, Market Editor of T Magazine

As soon as I noticed her in New York, I knew she would be someone whose style I would love to follow. The confidence of her look reminds me of a personal style icon of mine. I admire the way she mixes and knowingly throws together fabric, texture and color. It's effortless.


Yesterday at Marni, I finally had the courage to lens my way through the invisible wall that surrounds Anna Wintour. What this essentially entails is breaching the two-part C.I.A. worthy security zone that surrounds her. Part A: Intimidation. Part B: Two very efficient body guards- so efficient that 20 minutes before I snapped her photo, I was tango-twirled to avoid collision when I almost backed into her while taking someone else' photo. I didn't even know what happened until I saw the back of her well coiffed head. It was all so covert, god forbid that there should be a scene. That's not Ms Wintour's style after all.
Well it all started on Saturday, when my friend Joris snapped an amazing photo of the editor-in-chief. As soon as I saw the beautiful image, an itch started assailing my skin, which only made it tougher, and consequently catapulted my courage reserve. By the next day I was totally amped with a singular focus. So with the moral company and support of my fellow blogger and friend Tatel, I broke through the wall.
I can't wait until "The September Issue" opens in Milan!!!

new giveaway: christoper kane topshop stickers!

so i got these STICKERS when ordering the alligator tee + thought it would be a fun giveaway.

to enter the giveaway, pick out your favorite runway look from this season so far.
place the image link in a comment + i will pick a winner later this week!

i have some extra alligator tees + an alligator dress. they will be on ebay soon.
i'll let you know when they are up :)


anyone have these in a size 39?

would kill to get my hands on these aldo wedges.
i have them in black but would die to have them in this color.

or can anyone recommend something similar?

yay! i won them from anywho!

thanks guys for the help!!

stripes du jour




up against the wall


Backstage First

Tai Missoni

Today I had the amazing opportunity to go backstage at Missoni. It was the first time that I have been back stage since since starting All the Pretty Birds. I really had no idea what to do. So after observing the other photographers, I started clicking away. Here are the results. Hope you like them! Tamu

V + e