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i've really fallen hard for these bebes.

Milan Fashion Week!!!

Hello there,
I've missed you. I've been running around mad for the past four days doing the thing I like best: shooting street style. A great big thank you to all the editors, buyers and show attendees for your patience and graciousness in letting me take your picture. I know this was a crazy week for you all given the compressed, four day schedule.

Since I've been away for the last few days, I wanted to greet you with a treat. This season I was invited by Versace to cover the Versace show and Versus presentation. It was the first time that an invitation of it's kind was extended to me, and I would like to thank everyone at Versace for their kind consideration. The experience was truly the highlight of my week as both collections were fierce! Here are a couple images:


Versus by Christopher Kane

More images to follow in my Refinery29 Milan Fashion Week Diary. I'll let you know when it's up. O.k., good to speak with you again. I have to get back to work now. Big kiss. Tamu



so in love with wide legs right now!
kate has always done this look so well too.

so rosy


Windy Days

Bunny Bisous blogger Julia Frakes braves New York's seasonal wind with newly bobbed, golden locks.



perfect on so many levels.

Joanna Hillman

Can we just talk about how amazing Joanna looks this season? You already know how much I admire her style, but the level on which she has delivered this season is beyond. I don't mean to make comparisons, but she is totally giving off a Jerry Hall kind of beauty and glamor, infused as always with her knack for tempered edge. So how do I describe her style now? With my off again, on again favorite word: FIERCE!


gorgeous clothes, gorgeous girl!!

ms. moss

paris vogue/tfs



can anyone id her sweater/coat?
3.1 phillip lim- what i thought but couldn't find it anywhere.
thanks T W O G O L D D U S T W O M E N!

The Fabric of Urban Winter Style Part II • Gloria Baume



so as i am sure you have all seen the editorials coming out are ALL army/camo inspired.
what do you guys think about this?!
i'm so bored with it!! i have been loving the green parka trend + feel like it sparked all this.
but i just want something fresh + think this is just really uninspired.



just realized that i just posted on kate + in a neutral color too!
i've been dying to get a coat that color.
a girl in one of my classes has the perfect one, but she got it in korea :(
i am on the hunt!

Urban Lumberjack/The Fabric of Urban Winter Style

The outdoor experience meets the city life. These guys look amazing. The vibrant colors of their looks really bring cheer to the city streets.

Afterthoughts: My first impression of these looks were that they each resembled the uniform of a modern-day urban lumberjack. But after I published the post, I took the looks apart and began to appreciate them for the sum of their parts. For example, the top look consists of a skull cap, fatigue jacket, a great pair of indigo jeans and Chukka boots, which were originally worn by polo players. Nothing really screams lumberjack, apart from the jeans, which are vulnerable to this type of fashion assignment because of their iconic identity as the ideal garment for manual labor and/or outdoor activity. Why was I so quick to assign the title to the look? I think the media is responsible for my quick judgment. When I look back on all the films and commercials of my childhood that portrayed loggers (the modern term for the trade), these or similar looks are the standard. And naturally, this uniform spilled over into the way we dressed when we went outdoors.

If we look at the bottom look, a similar story plays out. Here we have a fur pilot's hat, a gorgeous red and black check sweater, denim jacket and jeans and motorcycle boots. Where's the lumber jack here? It's the red/black check sweater (reminiscent of a lumberjack jacket) and the jeans. Where do the motorcycle boots come in? Remember my post below? That's where: the biker whose style evolves. But it's more than that, it's a biker who adapts his/her style to the city, or it's a girl like me or the gentleman in the image who likes biker style (as influenced by film icons and rock stars) and introduces it into their personal look.

Well all this thinking lead me to the realization that the title of the post is all wrong. Instead of Urban Lumberjack, I should have just gone with "The Fabric of Urban Winter Style." A title that embodies the hodgepodge of urban dressing that has developed over the last 60 years of American urban fashion (I limit my rambling to American urban fashion because I group up in New York and that's what I know best). It is a title that references urban fashion's recent past and explains it's current love affair with brands like Barbour, Canada Goose, Sorel, and Uggs for example. Hey don't turn your nose up at the Ugg boot! Well this was just an afterthought. I would love to hear what you think and to hear about your urban style. Maybe we can even reconvene and discuss urban summer style. This summer should be interesting with all the utilitarian looks hitting the streets. xx, Tamu

Boot Inspiration • Sophisticated Biker Chic

I got these Chloe motorcycle boots, seen here on Mary Kate Steinmiller, this summer. I thought that they would be the perfect boot to wear with leggings and skinny jeans. But early into experimenting with the look, I decided it wasn't for me. I felt that the look was a little stale and struggled to be excited over it. So the boots have been gathering dust in my shoeset for the past five months- something that I really hate.

Then I spotted Mary Kate a couple of times wearing them with dresses and was totally impressed with the styling option. I love the look seen here in particular. The slim silhouette and length of the dress are genius with this type of boot. It creates a completely different vibe from the one I initially pursued. It's sophisticated biker chic. It's as if Mary Kate was once a biker, holds the passion close to her heart, but has experienced a style evolution. I am definitely going to try it out soon, and maybe I'll even take the look for a test run during Milan or Paris fashion weeks. x, Tamu

the romantic

another magazine

hope you guys had a good weekend!

Vika • Ready to Spar

In the fashion ring that is! Her cap/helmet, which is from her line, is a total K.O.

Mix and Layer All Star

I only recently met Michelle Reneau, senior market & accessories editor at Nylon, but I am already a huge fan of her knack for mixing patterns and textures, and for her sense of layering.



abbey/ralph lauren


Chloë Sevigny

One of my biggest surprises during New York fashion week was capturing these images of Chloë Sevigny. Like I mentioned over at Harper's Bazaar, I had no clue it was her when I approached to ask for the picture. The first thing that I saw was her profile, which was notably cool. What happened next is definitely one of the funniest moments of my life. When my eyes made contact with her sunglasses and the rest of her face registered in my brain, I exclaimed out of sheer surprise, "oh shit it's you." Then about two seconds passed before either one of us said anything. It was quite surreal. But I managed to regain my composure and mumbled (yes mumbled), "can I get a picture." She was really cool about it, and these images are the result of our brief encounter.

let loose