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loving the cream jumpsuit!

Back in Milan

After a month away, I arrived in Milan yesterday morning. One of the first things that I did was grab a coffee at the Trussardi cafe. Bet you didn't know that I absolutely prefer having my coffee at home where I can saunter from room to room enjoying and sipping away- and losing my mug every now and then. When that happens I usually enlist everyone present, including the toddler, in finding it. It's usually hidden on a shelf in my office. I wasn't able to indulge in my daily homemade coffee yesterday because my husband broke the glass pot the day we left for vacation. I'm on a hunt for a new one. I prefer American, can anyone suggest a good coffee maker?

While waiting for my Americana, I rinsed my jet-lagged eyes over the pages of the Spring Summer 2010 issue of Fantastic Man. Great way to ease into a new Milanese day.

A part of the Milanese landscape, the old-school, marigold tram was a bright welcome home.

A glimpse of my favorite Spring Summer 2010 Celine wedges. These sandals are beyond chic and are super comfy! I love wearing mine. Love the plum color maxi dress!

A little more purple/plum lead me to notice the sweet cornrows on the side of Aydan's hair.

No Milanese day is complete without a siting of a bella donna! Milanese women are sooo polished.

And finally, a cool girl on her bike.

And her smile to welcome me home.





the wedge

vogue nippon

i am currently wedge obsessed. especially obsessed with the givenchy's in this ed.



forever young


when i was little i honestly believed that i would look like christy when i grew up.
so much for that, lol.
she's so gorgeous, i can't stand it!!


ELLE china

everything about this


adore this editorial! the wedges are my new obsession.


i was super excited to get the opportunity to interview JADE from SUNDAYGIRL! i loved her style in her video "four floors" and wanted to know more about her. she agreed to answer some questions...


Is it annoying to keep being be asked if the name SundayGirl was inspired
by the Blondie hit? I know it's not the inspiration, but it must be asked a lot.

The name Sunday Girl came from working in a local old fashioned pet shop
in my hometown, Broxbourne for a few years. I worked every Sunday but no
one really knew my name so I would just get referred to as the “Sunday girl.”

I know you're 21 and from the UK...How does your age and living in the UK
influence your music and style?

Two years ago I moved to Brixton to do an art degree in Wimbledon I think
that brought out a more independent creativity. I really experimented with
my writing and production musically as well as producing pieces for my set
design degree, which I found were closely linked.

In my teens I went a bit mad going through loads of style changes, as
everyone does I suppose but I think its great to experiment with fashion and
make and destroy clothes and really find what you like. I think my style now
is quite classic, tailored and masculine. I love dressing like a boy it’s a
contrast to my big girly hair.

Music influences my style too, I mean one minute I was in a ska band the next
a ukulele band doing old jazz covers.

Style Icons?
My main style icon is Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. I love how she turned clothes
designed for men into something that women could wear too. I also take
influences from Jane Birkin, Daphne Guinness, Debbie Harry , Karl Lagerfeld
and Edie Sedgwick.

Favorite designers and/or places to shop?
H&M and Zara for the basics and my loft, my nans wardrobe a bit of car boot
sales and vintage shops for making it personal.

I noticed you wearing stripes in the video...are you as obsessed with stripes as I am?
Yes I am a bit obsessed with stripes but anything Parisian and sea related really.

Words to live by?
“get good at asking” + “if you don’t act on life it has a habit of acting on you”

Favorite City?
My favourite place has to be Hastings. My dad has a caravan there, which
I go to most weekends to write, draw and shop.

Beauty product you couldn't live without?
I'm bad with makeup I never buy my own, I steal everyone else’s but I think
I could live without my Clarins Bi-serum after a night out.

Do you read any fashion blogs? If so, which ones? and I admire Tavi Gevinsons blog, StyleRookie.

What's in your bag?
My Dad’s raybans , lyric book, a fork, tooth brush, ideas book, diary, camera,
devon floral sweets. My vintage Cartier wallet and some cds.


thanks jade!


for more check out the SUNDAYGIRL's myspace.
so you all know there will be another single released soon.
the album should be available later this year.

Baby blue mix it up

Caroline Sieber outside Louis Vuitton in a jacket and blouse combo from the house's Spring Summer 2010 collection.

simple balance

vanessa jackman

so stunning! love this photo ♥

Red ruffle bridge

Beyond chic, Giovanna Battaglia takes an elegant step in this gorgeous ruffled trench and YSL bridge-heeled sandals.

Taupe grey tiger

Kate Lanphear in a Miu Miu coat, Burberry fur shawl and Balenciaga shoes.

Polka dot leopard bubblegum

Eva Fontanelli outside the Giorgio Armani show.



Refined Tones

Ludivine Poiblanc's subtle mix of texture and combination of color is so refined. She's got herringbone, cashmere, leather, wool and suede in her infusion of style. And the flavor is concentrated in her amazing Celine camel coat!

Peach Olive Checkers

Vanessa Coyle's block of color and print is a move to follow.


Iris Strubegger after Balenciaga.

spring easy



harpers bazaar spain

daria is a stunner!


SKOVA recently sent me some goodies including this python ring!
i had been eyeing it for some time, so i was very happy to finally get to wear it.
i get asked about it every where i go!
big thanks to SKOVA for adding some fun pieces to my jewelry collection ♥

p.s. the ring is super comfortable! i had my concerns too, but it is pretty seamless.

ada . ada . ada


ada kokosar is an italian stylist that has recently caught my eye.
i love her use hat + her no fuss hair!

that face



Elle italy

The Glamorous Life

After channeling her inner rock star, Miroslava resumes her glamour-puss style. She shines in Bottega Veneta above, and soars in a Chloe cape below.