Back in Milan

After a month away, I arrived in Milan yesterday morning. One of the first things that I did was grab a coffee at the Trussardi cafe. Bet you didn't know that I absolutely prefer having my coffee at home where I can saunter from room to room enjoying and sipping away- and losing my mug every now and then. When that happens I usually enlist everyone present, including the toddler, in finding it. It's usually hidden on a shelf in my office. I wasn't able to indulge in my daily homemade coffee yesterday because my husband broke the glass pot the day we left for vacation. I'm on a hunt for a new one. I prefer American, can anyone suggest a good coffee maker?

While waiting for my Americana, I rinsed my jet-lagged eyes over the pages of the Spring Summer 2010 issue of Fantastic Man. Great way to ease into a new Milanese day.

A part of the Milanese landscape, the old-school, marigold tram was a bright welcome home.

A glimpse of my favorite Spring Summer 2010 Celine wedges. These sandals are beyond chic and are super comfy! I love wearing mine. Love the plum color maxi dress!

A little more purple/plum lead me to notice the sweet cornrows on the side of Aydan's hair.

No Milanese day is complete without a siting of a bella donna! Milanese women are sooo polished.

And finally, a cool girl on her bike.

And her smile to welcome me home.