Vika G.


Vika in a look from her SS11 collection. The collection is thoughtful, elegant and, as always, resplendent with Vika's stylistic substance.


vogue australia

absolutely gorgeous!
one of the best shots i have seen in a while.



shop HERE

the sparkly wide legs + bow heels are to die for!



I was flipping through the magazines I picked up the other day and came across this beauty feature in the January 2011 issue of Elle U.K. (Carey Mulligan covers the issue). I was so excited when I laid eyes on Charlotte and and Rosa-Safiah (on the same page, for me a huge coincidence), because I had the lovely opportunity to shoot them during London and Paris fashion weeks. It's nice to see that their personal beauty looks are exactly what they describe in the feature.




Vogue Germany

glam lamb

a great shot by photographer PHILL TAYLOR- if you haven't already, check out his blog!
kate looks like a little lamb ♥

physically better, emotionally destroyed

Hey there, I was feeling better today so my husband, the epidemiologist, not the astrologer (ever after referred to as "ENA", and this only refers to his first name not his profession), P.J. (the toddler with the mostest) and I ventured into the center of St. Moritz to pick up some magazines and run other errands (shopping). After a quick stop into Bottega Veneta, I popped into a boutique (I've blocked the name out of my head, you'll see why in a minute), which had tons of Azzedine Alaïa in the window. I've been dying for Vanessa Coyle's killer Alaïa boots and, in the last couple days, have built up an end-of season-panic that they will be sold out before sale season starts. They have been for the most part. But that's the risk you take when you aim to be a responsible shopper.


I was 20 minutes too late, they rung up that last pair in my size as I watched in despair. The lucky lady took home at least three pairs of beauties by the designer. Whimper, whimper. I've sent an e-mail to Corso Como10 inquiring about a black pair that I saw the other day. I'll let you know what happens. AND THANKS FOR ALL YOUR GET WELL WISHES!!! XOXO

Just what the doctor ordered


I'm not feeling well today. I guess I've been indulging too much in the season's feasts. Last night's Bollito Misto alla Piemontese has left me immobile in bed this morning, but, I've been able to find a little joy in my situation. The above snapshot is the view from my pillow. Nice, huh? I love the tone and texture scheme of the shoes that I packed (totally unintentional) for this trip to Madulain. Gosh, how I love YSL Tributes, I rarely ever leave home with out them. And don't get me started on my all-time-favorite Louboutin Pigalle, the ultimate toe-cleavage stiletto. And my beloved Miu Miu leopard skin platforms, my favorite platform for fall 2010. Every time I open my eyes, these babies are there. I think I feel the strength coming back to my achy bones.

denim doll

cover magazine


1. Leyendecker Rush Sweater Tunic
2. Rebecca Minkoff Boyfriend Messenger Bag
3. Falke Cotton Touch Footless Tights
4. Alexander Wang Leather Mini Shorts with Lapel Pockets
5. Blu Bijoux Five Ball Triple Finger Ring
6. Report 'Adam' Boot



Wishing you a merry Christmas filled with happiness and with love. xoxo, Tamu

with attitude

harper's bazaar españa


love the color combination here.

over the shoulder with a heartfelt laugh




Nothing feels better than a good laugh. Especially when it comes to expressing your style. It means that you are having fun, and it invites everyone in your presence to join in and experience your delight. Case in point, model Camille Row, who laughs heartily as she slings her gorgeous camel coat over her shoulders outside the Moncler Gamme Rouge presentation.

You know I ♥ Jen


Style is very much about the right attitude. Jen Brill's laid back, totally unaffected approach drives me to blush. I always shake my head with admiration when I see her.


after i made THIS post, i was dying to get my nails covered in crystals.
thankfully my friend ann from HOLIER THAN NOW knew of the perfect place!
we both went to VALLEY in nyc last week to get it done.
it's a silver glitter gel manicure with swarovski crystals placed one by one.
it took less than two hours + is supposed to last for weeks.
♥ ♥ ♥

ps- daily candy has a special discount for a manicure at valley! get it HERE!


michael oats


1. Rachel Pally Slouchy Georgie Dress
2. Rag & Bone Waterloo Parka
3. Alexander Wang Brenda Mini Camera Bag
4. Top Shop Twisted Bangles
5. Falke Striggings Ribbed Over the Knee Socks
6. Made Her Think Spike Rhinestone Earrings
7. Marais USA Chelsea Boot

THE LONG and short of IT


I'm so impressed with the way Veronica (above) and Columbine (below) layer their top coats over a pair of shorts or a dress. And, I love how they've both rolled their sleeves to perfection.


Amethyst + Gold

this is my new ring from TOOSIS -- i absolutely adore it!
my dad says it looks like i have two little amethyst + gold cakes on my finger

a bit fuzzy

W magazine 2007

Maxi love


Great proportion play of a maxi sweater and maxi tote combined with a little fedora, cuffed-cigarette trousers and sleek booties.



A pop of color, by way of this fun yellow turban, emphasizes an already chic look.


um OLIVE SHOPPE is amazing!
it is one of my favorite places for finding that perfect one of a kind looking piece.
they describe the store perfectly on their site:
"olive shoppe is an online collective mix of contemporary vintage + limited
pieces from forward thinking designers. through selective process,
we have created a tightly-knit assembly of old and new."
definitely worth checking out!!




Fifi Newbery in London, September 2010

cold days

wonderland magazine