happy new year!

tfs- one of my favorite shots this year!

may your night sparkle and 2010 bring you everything you want + more!!


Happy New Year's Eve

For the last few years Galileo and I have celebrated New Years in Madulain, a charming village near St. Moritz. We have rung in the new year in a variety ways during this time, from 30-person dinner parties at St. Mortiz's best restaurant, Chesa Veglia; to grand fetes at the Palace; to cozy dinners at the homes of dear friends. This year we have decided to shake things up a little. We are taking a horse-driven carriage up to Val Fex, a gorgeous valley located at an altitude of 6,560 feet above sea level, where we will have dinner and enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. This is our attire for the evening, lots of warm clothes and tons of bubbly. The ride takes about 50 minutes and the temperature will be approximately 14 degrees. Intense right? But totally worth it, as it is so numbingly beautiful. Happy New Year!

Hi everyone, I just wanted to add a little something to this post. I was running so late yesterday, that I wasn't able to share my inspiration for celebrating New Years in Val Fex. (which by the way was super amazing). The first time I experienced the carriage ride to this enchanted place was last March with my dear friend Saidah. It was one of the most romantic evenings of both of our lives. The sky was clearer than clear and full of stars. Since there had been a lot of snowfall in the region, the snow on the path was plowed higher than the carriage itself. So basically, all you saw was white, the clear sky, and the stars. I kid you not, It felt like what I imagine it would feel like being on the milky way. It was a vision and a sensation that touched me at my core, and to which, I was left speechless. The only problem was that I was with a friend and not my very significant other. Yes, it's nice to experience these things with good friends, but this was too much. We joked about hooking up, just on principle. But if we didn't hook up during our cosmopolitan-fueled nights back in NY, when it was perfectly fine to kiss your girlfriends (you know the "hey we were drunk, we were just playing around" moment), then our chance had passed. So, I declared that night to repeat the experience with my very dear husband. And you know something, the experience was exactly what I expected, and more.

Outfit details: Parka by Mr. & Mrs. Fur; sequins t-shirt by Gryphon; stirrup pants by Postcard; black combat boots by Prada. The Miu Miu peep-toe sandals are my favorite sandals. I got them at the year-end sale last year. The price was so good that I also got them in purple. They really do look amazing with everything.







I need and will die a fashion death if i don't...

Via Style.com

get my feet into a pair of these Camilla Skovgaard clogs! Remember when your parents would ask you if you just wanted something, versus really needing it? Hell, I needed everything! LOL! It's life or fashion death mom! Please, I'll water your roses!

Even these fashionable feet can't wait for the spring to tuck into one of the season's most fascinating accessories. See mom, every one will be wearing them! Pleeeeease!

she can do no wrong




the ysl bag! i die.



Casual ● Chic

Inspired by Cristina's look on so many levels! First, I'm a huge fan of rompers. (I also really like the English name for them, play suit. Reminds me of good times.) Her transition of this silk American Retro version into a fall/winter look is brilliant. The layering of seasonal apparel is one of the most amazing things to happen to fashion recently. I personally have so many spring/summer pieces that I can't imagine not wearing year round. Throw them over a pair of leggings, opaque tights, and a cashmere sweater and you are good to go. Another thing that inspires me is her gorgeous vintage Valentino graphic sweater. It totally gets me in the mood for Spring 2010's graphic prints. And it lends a touch of chic to Cristina's casual-cool vibe.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥





I always wanted to post this picture of Janelle Monáe. Her cape is to die for, but the quality of the photo is quite forgettable. I must have reviewed the image at least 100 times, her irresistibly gutsy and witty approach to style kept inviting me to open the file. Then luckily, Christmas, in the form of a ridiculously fantastic mantella (thanks mamma-in-law!), came along and wiped away all my hangups.

I have always loved capes. Their drama is addictive. It is all about the tail blowing up and out when the wind blows. Who doesn't like to make a statement? I owned two before my mother-in-law's incredibly stylish and much appreciated Christmas present. The gray one by Marc by Marc Jacobs is totally Sherlock Holmes material. I feel rather smart when I wear it. The black one, a gift from a dear friend, is inspired by the traditional Tyrolean tabarro (cloak). Custom made for me, it is one of the most spectacular gifts I have ever received. I reserve it for nights at the Scala.

Voilà, my new mantella by Annalisa Castellini (the go-to brand for elegant Milanese women). Russian inspired, silk embroidered with velvet detail, and down-filled, I'm beyond over the moon about it! I guess I was a very good daughter-in-law this year. (smile)



c ♥


Laser Long, Lasered

Child of the '80s

Giulia raids her mother's closet to achieve the perfect '80s inspired look. Updating her mother's parka and sweater with market-found lace leggings and H&M field boots, her look comes off edgy-cool. BTW, I am convinced that I recently saw that sweater somewhere. I can't remember where. Or maybe it was a dream. But it was offered in fuchsia and bright blue. Oh! And, one of my favorite looks from the '80s are lace tights. I was sooo happy when they made a comeback in 2001/2002, and I'm happy to see them back again. They add spice to any look!

Happy Holidays

May your days be bright. May you be happy, may you love, and may you be loved.
With great affection, Tamu

happy holidays


hope this time of year brings you joy!




A Stylish Bird • Iman

I first met Iman of Stylebyme during the chaotic days of MFW SS10. She was doing the glamorous thing. I noticed her immediately. She had great style.

I bumped into her a month later at the Jimmy Choo for H&M sale and was really impressed with her casual take on style. Her boyfriend blazer, boyfriend's sweater (I have totally taken over my husband's sweaters), chunky scarf, and driving gloves are a perfect perfect mix of edge, texture, and proportion. This time we exchanged info!

Layer master. My final run-in with this PYT confirmed my suspicion that she has style for days! Love the layering! I personally think that she's mastered the art of layering because she travels like crazy. My theory: If you wear a part of your wardrobe, you gain a ton of space in your luggage for plan A-Z outfit options, and for all of your new acquisitions. Brilliant! See you when you get back Iman!

Nice & Easy

Sauri nicely blends textures in her "must have" color for a cool and easy look.



Tableaux surrealistes

My dear friend Simona and I started a style cooperative last spring to combine our various talents. "Studio76," as we have dubbed ourselves, is growing at a lovely pace and we are starting to see a blossoming of our first creative collaborations. Here are a few images from an editorial that we styled for the November_December issue of Made magazine. A special thanks to Fashion Director, Stefano Guerrini, for the fantastic invitation. And oodles of love for our photographer, Daniele Mari. It was incredibly fun and inspiring working with him on this production. He's truly an amazing photographer. Please let me know what you think, and stay on the lookout for up-coming Studio76 productions. XO Tamu

yigal azrouël


perfect look!

ysl 'easy' bag


i want this exact one: embossed suede in the color 'smog'.
can't find it anywhere! ahhhh!
i would settle for the largest version in any soft dark grey.
if you spot one...let me know ♥

Up • Against • the • Wall

Model Marina Peres looking fierce after the Marni Show.

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