Just what the doctor ordered


I'm not feeling well today. I guess I've been indulging too much in the season's feasts. Last night's Bollito Misto alla Piemontese has left me immobile in bed this morning, but, I've been able to find a little joy in my situation. The above snapshot is the view from my pillow. Nice, huh? I love the tone and texture scheme of the shoes that I packed (totally unintentional) for this trip to Madulain. Gosh, how I love YSL Tributes, I rarely ever leave home with out them. And don't get me started on my all-time-favorite Louboutin Pigalle, the ultimate toe-cleavage stiletto. And my beloved Miu Miu leopard skin platforms, my favorite platform for fall 2010. Every time I open my eyes, these babies are there. I think I feel the strength coming back to my achy bones.