Yesterday at Marni, I finally had the courage to lens my way through the invisible wall that surrounds Anna Wintour. What this essentially entails is breaching the two-part C.I.A. worthy security zone that surrounds her. Part A: Intimidation. Part B: Two very efficient body guards- so efficient that 20 minutes before I snapped her photo, I was tango-twirled to avoid collision when I almost backed into her while taking someone else' photo. I didn't even know what happened until I saw the back of her well coiffed head. It was all so covert, god forbid that there should be a scene. That's not Ms Wintour's style after all.
Well it all started on Saturday, when my friend Joris snapped an amazing photo of the editor-in-chief. As soon as I saw the beautiful image, an itch started assailing my skin, which only made it tougher, and consequently catapulted my courage reserve. By the next day I was totally amped with a singular focus. So with the moral company and support of my fellow blogger and friend Tatel, I broke through the wall.
I can't wait until "The September Issue" opens in Milan!!!