introducing my new blog...

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This is a blog dedicated to romantic, lovey dovey, sexy, heart fluttering images.
Hope you like it ♥

Thanks guys for the feedback and support! I saw some positive responses so I decided to start the love blog :) I wasn't sold on the name at first, but I just went with it.

For the person who asked how i run so many blogs and if i stay online all day...
No I am not online all day, lol. I am extremely busy with college, working, interning, volunteering and applying to grad school. I just love blogging and want it to be a part of my life, so I make time for it. Truth is Le Fashion, Le Smoking and now Le Love are quick and easy to keep up with. I just upload a few pics a day, which takes me about 15 minutes to update those. Olsens Anonymous requires a little bit more work, but still only about a half hour.