Girls just wanna have fun


The song, is one of my favorite dance tunes. And once it comes on, it usually means that I can be found high kicking somewhere on the dance floor. And no, alcohol does not have to be involved. And no, I'm not a particularly good dancer. In fact I've been told on two different occasions that: you're not a very good dancer, but boy, you really look like you're having fun. Hey, if it brings joy to others.... When I saw Ece Sukan of Vogue Turkey in this Preen dress, the song immediately popped into my head. Pan down to her mile-high legs, and I am panicking. My high kick is rendered a mere skip, flicker of the legs. But she sure is inspiring. Tonight I'll be in my bed room with any hot pink article of clothing I can find. Well I guess it will have to be in my hotel room, in my new Prada sweater as I'm at the airport heading to Paris!!! Viva la Francia!!!