Jane Keltner deValle ❘ Sporty Chic


It's looks like Jane's that get me up at 7 in the morning thinking of how I can get my hands on a particular item of clothing. I love her sweat shirt-plus-pleated leather skirt mix. As you may know, I'm very partial to chic sweatshirts. I have a really amazing Acne grey one that I wear all the time. But, it's really her leather skirt that has me strategically planning out my morning shopping. You see, I saw a gorgeous leather pleated Prada skirt at the beginning of the season that I painfully left on the rack. BUT now, I have a fun party this afternoon in Alba in Piedmont. All families, a billion babies, plus it's super chilly in the region this time of year. Jane's look is absolutely the perfect solution. Sporty chic top on top (good for running after four-year-old with intentions of destroying hostess's contemporary art installations); sleek, posh bottom for dual purpose of (1) impressing the other chic moms and (2) the just-above-the knee length will allow me to elegantly bend down to clean up the inevitable spilled cup of water. Hmm, hope that skirt is still there. Going to make a cup of coffee now. I've got a lot to do this morning.